The sand filter cylinder

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Shandong, China
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Product Description


  "Group" in aquaculture rapid sand filter cylinder, can from the efficient removal of various types of plankton, algae in water, inorganic, organic debris or fiber pulp, heavy metal ions, partially soluble substances, protein, softening water quality, improve the clarity.Covers an area of less, small head loss, a valve control, easy installation.Filtering capability is strong, the use of flexible.


Product advantage


  ecoil unique patent technology, be able to complete the recoil rapid, full and thorough process, completely put an end to harden sand layer.
Recoil water saving, prolong maintenance cycle.
Taken the traditional sand filter equipment is in use for a period of time (usually only 1 to 2 months) after the recoil frequency more and more high, even to once every 5 hours will recoil.Filtering effect decreased at the same time.In the process of the recoil, a lot of manpower material resources.Sand serious corruption, black, and with the stench!Cause secondary pollution to the aquaculture water.This is the harden sand layer.
The company according to the above situation, combining with the industry forefront of foreign advanced technology, developed the "group" in aquaculture rapid sand filter cylinder, thoroughly solved this difficult problem, greatly improve the efficiency of cross recoil water decrease greatly, and don't have to change regularly sand can permanent experience "new sand filter equipment" efficient filter!


the product feature

Aquarium, sea freshwater aquaculture, agricultural irrigation, drinking water pretreatment, industrial water purification, water reuse, swimming pool, water park, etc.